From organic waste to
Carbon free energy.
Bio RESTEC, a renewable energy
that practices
circulation for the next

Letter from the CEO

Hello? Thank you for your visiting
I am Shin Chang-yeub, CEO of Biorestec INC.

In order to solve the global warming that is getting hotter day by day
the world is currently facing numerous challenges to go carbon neutral.
However, as long as humans exist on Earth,
food waste that we eat and throw away every day will continue to occur,
And these continuously emit CO2.

Therefore, unless there is an innovative method that can completely change the chemical properties of food waste, The only a simple and efficient way to protect the environment using food waste is converting food waste that has already producted into eco-friendly solid fuel(pellet).
And it is purpose of reducing the use of oil and coal which has previously utilized.

Biorestec INC. is striving to find more valuable energy for the future, and will become a
company that practices sustainable management by contributing to resource circulation by
recycling organic waste generated in the city in an eco-friendly way.

Biorestec, a company that practices environment and resource circulation
"Biorestec looked at ordinary food waste from a slightly different perspective."We did not stop at simply recognizing waste as "food waste we ate and threw away", but made efforts to find more valuable energy for future generations. If the food waste we eat and throw away can be reborn as new energy through resource circulation, it will add new value to peoples's daily lives and conform to the value of mankind who cares about the environment."Biorestec will not simply make food processors." The food waste you eat and throw away will provide necessary energy to humans through resource circulation.
2019.09Established Biorestec Co., Ltd.
2019.12Completed development of food waste treatment
equipment 1 tons/day